Inspired by the famous German Oktoberfest we thought why not have our own beer celebration for October? Being a cocktail bar in Cornwall, the name we chose for our event is Hedra Gool – a literal translation of October Festival into Cornish. The other twist is that we are offering a menu based on beer mixes instead of just beer.

Our beer cocktails have been carefully developed using Cornish brews and premium spirits, going way beyond the familiar shandies and snakebites. You will be amazed how well the flavours of beer can be complemented by spicy rum, creamy vodka or smokey whisky.

It takes real mixology experience to understand how the notes in a particular beer can be enhanced and complimented to produce results that are out of the ordinary but still recognisably based on beer.

For example; Siberian Vodka, Pear Purée and Marsala Wine transform the already tasty Jubel Peach Beer into a blend that will delight both cocktail aficionados and beer enthusiasts.