The name Sazerac Social is meant to give cocktail lovers a clue to what we do without being obvious. The Speakeasy drinking clubs of the USA prohibition era always hid their purpose in this way.

When searching for a cocktail bar name my starting point was to follow the speakeasy style. I also wanted to avoid obvious references to our location overlooking Summerleaze Beach.
The Sazerac stood out while researching classic cocktails. This was because it linked strongly to New Orleans and because the word has a great rhythm.
The New Orleans link was important at the time as I was running a restaurant based on New Orleans cuisine. The “rhythm” of the word reminded me of Zabadak, a hit from the 1960’s for “Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch”.

The domain “” had already been registered by a bar in New Orleans so our bar could not just be called Sazerac. The “Social” part is both a nod to fashion and a reflection of a desire to create somewhere that is warm, friendly and adult where you can hold a conversation without shouting.

Our strap line “Where the spirit takes you” prompted our brand designer to produce the pied-piper like “spirit” of our logo. Hopefully the Spirit of Sazerac Social will lead you to a special place.