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The blog purpose is to entertain, educate and inform while not straying too far from the world of a cocktail bar. When trying to start a blog, as for any new endeavour, advice was seldom in short supply, some of it good some dubious, the difficulty being knowing which to follow.
This blog, for better or worse, will follow my instincts because I too can give advice, some good some dubious. To be dammed for following my own advice is preferable to being condemned while following another’s.
As a proud Yorkshireman that has adopted Cornwall as home, straight talking is important to me. Borrowing a phrase from “Storming Norman” Schwarzkopf, there will be no “bovine scatology” here.
Sazerac Social is a business and does have something to sell but this does not mean we have to bang our drum all the time. We would rather you recognised that we have something different to sell, something better, something worth crossing the road for.
We will tell you what we are doing, what we have to offer, what we are proud of, but we will try not to waste your time with boastful emptiness.