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September 2019

A Taste of Autumn


A six course tasting event on Thursday 26th September. Celebrate the season’s arrival with Sazerac Social. Autumn is a bumper time for local crops, with fruit, berries, nuts, grain, roots and vegetables plentiful. Kyan’s menu features fresh produce from Bude, Cornwall and the Southwest. The evening will be hosted by Oliver from North [...]

A Taste of Autumn2019-09-15T23:01:25+01:00

August 2019

Eat truly local


EAT TRULY LOCAL When in Cornwall eat Cornish; it should be that simple. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Many restaurants advertising local produce are simply not telling the truth. Next time you are sat eating out take time to think where the fish in your favourite garlic king prawns or [...]

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November 2018

Ezmay Grace Live


EZMAY GRACE Appearing at Sazerac Social on January 18th. An unmissable opportunity to hear her live for free.Ezmay, a local artist now based in Falmouth, studied music there and recently graduated with a 2:1. She regularly performs contemporary folk/country/blues at venues across the South West. Frequently featured on Radio Cornwall, she has appeared on [...]

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October 2018

Hedra Gool | Beer festival |Cocktail bar | Bude


HEDRA GOOL Inspired by the famous German Oktoberfest we thought why not have our own beer celebration for October? Being a cocktail bar in Cornwall, the name we chose for our event is Hedra Gool - a literal translation of October Festival into Cornish. The other twist is that we are offering a menu [...]

Hedra Gool | Beer festival |Cocktail bar | Bude2018-10-23T16:22:01+01:00

Team at Sazerac Social | Cocktail bar | Bude


THE TEAM We are four: Duncan - mixologist, Aimee and Marie - reception, Trevor - blog author and hotel owner. Duncan has experience that belies his years and cocktail knowledge that defies belief. This is down to his having worked in many London bars with the aim of learning all he could and [...]

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Sazarac Social | Cornwall | What is in a name?


WHY SAZERAC SOCIAL? The name Sazerac Social is meant to give cocktail lovers a clue to what we do without being obvious. The Speakeasy drinking clubs of the USA prohibition era always hid their purpose in this way. When searching for a cocktail bar name my starting point was to follow the speakeasy style. [...]

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Blog by Sazerac Social | Cocktail bar | Bude


THE SAZERAC SOCIAL BLOG Follow the Sazerac Social Blog. The blog purpose is to entertain, educate and inform while not straying too far from the world of a cocktail bar. When trying to start a blog, as for any new endeavour, advice was seldom in short supply, some of it good some dubious, [...]

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July 2018



TOMMY GUN Created by John T. Thompson just a few years before prohibition began in America; the “Tommy Gun” is a type of sub-machine gun that became infamous after the St Valentines Day Massacre. We’ve packed our Tommy gun full of a different kind of fire power. Chilli and ginger combine with [...]




PYRUS Pyrus is the genus of trees which produce pears. The cocktail is a refreshing summery blend of Xanté pear liqueur, poached pears and elderflower, with a warming kick from our homemade cinnamon and clove syrup.


June 2018

Barrel Aged Perfect Manhattan


BARREL AGED PERFECT MANHATTAN A blend of Whiskies, boasting Willet and Evan Williams bourbons, married with both sweet and dry vermouths then left to mature in a white oak barrel. After two weeks the blend is poured into decanters. Stirred with ice to chill and served with just a dash of Orange [...]

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